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Research projects

  1. Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology: The projects are sponsored by the Austrian Nano Initiative, the FWF and FFG. The projects are organized by www.bionanonet.at . New peptide based delivery systems are under investigation as drug delivery systems and diagnostics. These nanoparticles are called Proticles (Protamine-Oligonucleotide-Particles) and are an interesting new delivery approach for antisense compounds, siRNA as well as for peptides and proteins. Current projects include stem cell tracking, VIP Depot formulations for pulmonary delivery, and are part of nanoHealth
  2. Cellular test-systems are developed especially for siRNA constructs linked to proteins as carriers. Down-regulation of protein levels are studied on a brain tumor model. Co-workers in this field are Wolfgang Sattler and Eva Bernhart, Medical University Graz. Funding is provided by the FFG Bridge Program.
  3. Pharmaceutical Engineering is the topic of the recently founded Competence Center RCPE. Project are focussed on upscaling of nanoparticle production, protein formulations and new Drug Delivery Systems based on cellulose.
  4. EuroNanoTox is a project coordinated by the BionanoNet. Our contribution is based on literature databases available by nanoTRUST and in vitro toxicity tests for drug formulations.
  5. Depot-Formulations for colloidal drugs and special micropellets are a new research area founded in Graz. Currently drug formulations based on lipophilic matrices dispersed in thixotropic liquids are under investigation.
  6. Antisense Therapy with Drug Delivery Vehicles of our group is combined with new strategies in Photodynamic Therapy against tumors. This project was part of the Pharmacy DFG-Graduiertenkolleg at the Biocenter Frankfurt together with Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz and the ILM, Ulm.




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Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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