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Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmacy

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Drug Targeting

Zimmer, Andreas, Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.nat.  
Falsone, Salvatore
Fresacher-Scheiber, Katja, Mag.pharm.  
Kitic, Nikola, Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat.  
Petschacher, Christina, Dr.rer.nat. (on temporary leave)  
Perac, Natasa, Mag.  
Ruseska, Ivana, MSc  
Schertel, Sonja Verena, MSc  
Siboni, Henrik, MSc  

Drug Delivery and Advanced Manufacturing


Roblegg, Eva, Univ.-Prof. Mag.pharm.Dr.rer.nat.

Hartl, Sonja, BSc MSc (on temporary leave)  
Jeitler, Ramona, Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat.  
Selmani, Atida, Dr. Sc. Nat.
Tetyczka, Carolin, Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat.  
Zeiringer, Scarlett, Mag.pharm.  

Technical Assistance

Keimel, Roman; Ing.

Kolany, Gabriele

Reiser, Martin; DI, BSc

Seidl, Bianca

Contact Office

Ursula Götz
Mag. Beate Hammer

Institue of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmacy
Universitätsplatz 1/EG
A-8010 Graz

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8880, 8879
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9100

Opening Hours:
Mo, Th + Fr: 9 to 12 am
Tue: 9 to 12 am + 1 to 3 pm
Wed: 9 to 12 am + 1 to 3 pm

You can reach us via phone or Mail within the opening hours.
Please note that students must bring a valid Covid-19 2,5G confirmation.
Contact person

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